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Everyone wants a vacuum that cleans well and has lots of power. It must be quiet, lightweight and easy to use. The challenge is that these specifications mean different things to different people. We hope that the information provided here will assist you in selecting the vacuum that suits you the best, not the one a manufacturer thinks you should have.

Although we service all makes and models of vacuums, we have standards that need to be met before we will recommend and sell a specific product. We use our knowledge gained from servicing all make and models of vacuums to help us determine who is making quality vacuums and who is not. When service is required for a vacuum, which manufacturers have a ready supply of parts that can be quickly delivered when needed.

At Cardy Vacuum, we are always looking for vacuums that offer our customers the best possible value for the dollar. And when we say value, we look at how easy the vacuum is to use, how suitable it is for our customers needs, the cleaning power, features and how long can the vacuum be expected to last under normal conditions. All this, and at what price. Hopefully the following pages will help you determine what will work best for your cleaning needs.