Types of Vacuums

Choosing the right vacuum for your needs and comfort is the first, most important consideration. What’s best for me… an upright vacuum, a canister vacuum, a built-in central vacuum system or a specialty vacuum? The experts at Cardy Vacuum can help you with that decision.


Upright Vacuums


The upright vacuum has been designed primarily to clean carpet. A number of changes over the last few years have made this type of vacuum more versatile. These changes include the option for cleaning bare floors but this only seems to work efficiently in mid priced to higher end models.  There is also the on-board hose and tools which allow for easy cleaning above the floor. Most upright vacuums now come with a dust brush for dusting hard surfaces, a crevice tool for getting into corners, as well as a furniture tool for cleaning upholstered furniture.


How the vacuum collects the dirt, bagless versus bag models, is another feature that should be discussed (see our comments under ‘Choosing the right vacuum’).


Weight and maneuverability are other important factors when choosing an upright vacuum.  It is recommended that you try them out before you purchase so there are no surprises.


Canister Vacuums


The canister vacuum is considered the most versatile style of vacuum. This style of vacuum often comes with a powernozzle for cleaning carpet. They also include a range of accessories that most commonly include a floor brush for cleaning hard floor surfaces, a dust brush for dusting hard surfaces, a crevice tool for getting into corners, and a furniture tool for cleaning upholstered furniture.


The cleaning environment in homes has been changed a lot over the last few years.  Many homes have a lot of bare floor surfaces, different types of carpeting and area rugs.  The canister style of vacuum is usually more adaptable to these different surfaces.


With all these included, you can complete almost any cleaning task around the home.


Central Vacuums


For many people the central vacuum is the ultimate in convenience. The central vacuum has all the versatility of the canister vacuum with the benefit of not having to drag the machine around. You can clean any surface anywhere in your home. Locate the machine in a remote location so you don’t recirculate any dust in the rooms you are cleaning and you don’t have to listen to the noise it creates.


Central vacuums usually come with a powerhead for cleaning carpet, a floor brush for cleaning hard floor surfaces, a dust brush for dusting hard surfaces, a crevice tool for getting into corners and a furniture tool for cleaning upholstered furniture.


Convenience is the main reason to consider a central vacuum system for your home.


Specialty Cleaners


Specialty cleaners are machines that are designed with a very specific purpose in mind. They will do the chore they were designed for very well, but are not very versatile. Examples are rechargable hand vacuums for quick pick-ups of crumbs and fine dust, electric brooms that replace the broom and dust pan, and hand vacuums for cleaning stairs and furniture. In this category we also include carpet shampooers for washing carpets and upholstery.


Electric brooms



This style of vacuum is recommended for quick clean up jobs around the home.  The are light weight and simple to use.  They are not a powerful as a full size vacuum but can still be a great cleaning solution for the crumbs on the kitchen floor and quick touchups on carpeted areas.  Although most electric brooms plug in like any vacuum there are some that are cordless.  The cordless models offer greater convenience and clean very well but are not as powerful as one you would plug in.



Carpet shampoo cleaners



These machines are commonly called steamvacs although most do not create steam.  They are designed to wash your carpeting and area rugs with soap and water to keep them looking like new.  Your vacuum will remove the loose dirt but there is dirt that gets ground in that requires a good shampooer to be removed.  Many machines are also designed to wash upholstered furniture as well.



Floor steamers



These machines are designed to clean hard floor surfaces using only steam with no chemicals.  The steam is very effective at removing dirt from these surfaces while at the same time, disinfecting the floors.



Hand vacuums



Great for quick pickups, stairs, car, any little jobs around the home.  Battery operated handvacs are very convenient as there is no cord to contend with.  Handvacs that plug in are generally much more powerful but less convenient because of the cord.