As you look for a new vacuum, we are sure there are many questions you need answered.  These questions come from experiences with vacuums you have used in the past some good, some bad.  Then there are the suggestions from friends and family, as well as the advertising you see daily.  Below we list many of the common FAQ’s but we encourage you to send us a note if we have missed something specific to your needs.

How Often Should Your Vacuum Be Serviced?

Your vacuum should be serviced every 12 to 18 months.

  • Dirt, dust and lint, as they pass through your vacuum cleaner, begin to build up in the bearing housings and bearings in your brush roll causing it to slow down. This, in turn causes excessive wear on your vacuum motor and needless replacement of belts
  • Over a period of time some brushes become soft, losing their effectiveness, and need to be replaced. Some brushes that are completely worn out, looking at them, still look fine. However, if they aren’t replaced, they simply turn, never touching the carpet. This cuts your cleaning efficiency by as much as 50 percent.
  • Dirt and dust accumulates in the motor bearings slowing down the motor, and a sluggish brush roll adds further to the problem, causing overheating of the motor, which can drastically shorten the life of your vacuum’s motor, or require the replacement of the vacuum.

How often should I change the belt on my vacuum?

We suggest replacing the vacuum belt every four months. A vacuum belt is basically just a rubber band that, once stretched over two points, will lose its tension after a short time. In a vacuum cleaner this means the brushroll will slow down when there is resistance against the carpet with the result that the cleaning efficiency will drop.

How often should I change the bag in my vacuum?

Most vacuum bags should be changed when they are half full. By this time the pores of the bag have become clogged and air does not pass through freely. This can greatly reduce the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum and at the same time cause the motor to work much harder than normal. Also, by this time, fine dust particles will have started to work through the paper material which results in the dust being blown back into the room you’re trying to clean.

What is the best vacuum?

Really, “What is the best vacuum for you?” is the correct question. I have had experiences where two friends or relatives have come together to buy a vacuum cleaner at the same time and have bought completely different machines. They received the same information, tried the same vacuums, all at the same time but purchased completely different vacuums. The experts at Cardy Vacuum & Ventilation will be happy to help you decide which vacuum is best for you

What style of vacuum should I buy?

In most cases, you should stay with the style of vacuum you are most used to working with. If you have used an upright vacuum for many years then stay with an upright. If you have used a canister vacuum then stay with a canister.

Switching styles of vacuums may require a change in cleaning patterns and this often leads to increased frustration when using the machine.

My carpet seems to be getting fuzzy; especially in traffic areas. Is my vacuum cleaner causing this?

No, fuzzing is the hairy effect on the carpet surface caused by wild fibres or slack yarn twist, or by fibres slipping out when walked on. There is a natural tendency for the fibre ends to separate a bit and loosen excess yarn.

What is the best way to clean carpeted stairs?

Steps with carpet should be cared for regularly. The upholstery nozzle, a brush attachment or a hand-held vacuum with a rotating brush will work best for cleaning and raising the carpet pile.

Aren’t AMPs a good measure of cleaning power?

AMPs are merely the amount of electrical current a vacuum draws when the power is on. An efficient vacuum cleaner design may provide better cleaning power with reduced electrical usage.

My cleaner will not pick up.

First, check the belt to make sure it is not worn or broken and that the agitator moves freely. Also, check the bag to see if it is full. Besides these two possibilities, check the airstream for possible clogging. If you have recently installed new carpet it may shed fibres and lead to a clogged airstream or require the bag to be replaced more frequently. Objects may also become lodged obstructing the airflow. Over a period of time, the agitator may become worn. If none of these solutions solve the problem, then it would be best to bring the vacuum in to our vacuum repair depot to be checked by our service professionals.

NOTE: Always turn your cleaner off and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.

What can I do if the cleaner is hard to push?

If the vacuum has a height adjustment, it may be set too low. Try a higher setting. If this does not solve your problem then the belt in the vacuum may be broken. Should neither of these solutions work then it would be best to bring the vacuum in to our vacuum repair depot to be checked by our service professionals.

What can I do if I detect a burning smell?

The most common cause of a burning smell is a stretched or broken belt. There will be a strong smell of burnt rubber if this is the case. The solution is to replace the belt. Should the smell be more of an acidic electrical smell, then there may be a problem with the vacuum motor. It would be best to bring the vacuum in to our vacuum repair depot for service by our service professionals before any more damage can occur.