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Skylights… Simply Brilliant

Just as Edison brightened a whole new world with the invention of his light bulb, Solatube International Inc. revolutionized the daylighting industry with the invention of its tubular skylight product in Australia in 1984.

After having developed and perfected its concept to include a full range of tubular skylight products made in the United States, Solatube has truly set the performance standard. The reason is simple: no other skylight works as effectively, as reliably, or as brilliantly as the Solatube.

Engineered for superior quality and durability, Solatube’s patented design incorporates space-age materials that ensure maximum light transfer in direct sunlight as well as ambient lighting conditions.

Solatube’s strict manufacturing standards incorporate only the highest quality and proven components. Backed by an unsurpassed commitment to customer service, you can expect years of reliable performance from every Solatube product.

Compare Solatube with any other skylight and you’ll see the difference is really night and day.

solatube day lighting
  • Exclusive patented Solatube reflector inside the collector dome increases the amount of daylight captured and transfers direct sunlight as well as ambient light on cloudy days.
  • Proprietary Spectralight 2000 material is the most advanced available in the world and provides maximum performance.
  • Compact design fits between roof rafters without structural modifications.
  • Standard angle adapters allow for easy installation around attic obstructions.
  • Energy efficient, sealed design ensures minimal heat loss or gain between interior and outdoor environments.
  • Impact and UV resistant.
  • Solatube is only a fraction of the cost of a conventional skylight because it requires no reframing, drywalling or painting.
  • With an excellent colour rendering index of approximately 100, the Solatube provides true and accurate colour.

Solatube Performance

Light Source Watts Lumens Efficacy CRIb Life
Energy Light Quality Lumen/Watt Light Quality Average
Incandescent 100 1200a 12a 45-50 750 hours
48″ Fluorescent 40 2300a 57.5a 69 18,000 hours
10″ Solatube 0 up to 3750c no energy consumption ~100 na
14″ Solatube 0 up to 6500c no energy consumption ~100 na

a. Initial measurement, decreases over life of lamp.

b. Color Rendition Index ranks how natural an object appears under a given light. The closer the CRI is to 100, the more natural people and objects look.

c. Minimum and maximum measured between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on sunny day, 6 ft. tubing.

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