MVac M80 Retraflex Combo



The Retraflex is an innovative product that is quickly becoming the new standard in central vacuum systems.  The Retraflex is a central vacuum hose that retracts into your walls using the suction of the vacuum.  There is a hose at every inlet stored neatly away inside your walls when not in use.  There is no need to carry a hose from inlet to inlet.



MVac M80 Retraflex Combo

Simplicity – No need of storage space for your hose. It automatically stores itself inside the piping system, right behind the inlet, with just the suction power of your central vacuum.

Efficiency – A hose behind every inlet. Your central vacuum is always within your reach. You can therefore take advantage of its power to clean occasional dry messes in an instant!

Speed – No hose to carry from inlet to inlet. The Retraflex is more convenient for quick clean ups than a traditional hose. Pull out just the length of hose you need and make it disappear behind the walls within seconds after your cleaning!

Combo package includes:

  • MVac M80 central vacuum machine.
  • Retraflex retractable hose.
  • Bare floor accessory kit.
  • Retraflex roughin kit.
  • Retraflex inlet cover.

Note – vacuum tubing and additional fittings will be required to complete the installation.


MVac M80 Central Vacuum

  • Made in Canada.
  • 700 Airwatts.
  • Height 97.8cm, diameter 30.2cm.
  • Equipped with our AntiVibraSon system, which eliminates vibrations.
  • Very quiet, only 58dB.
  • Permanent, self cleaning filter.
  • Optional electrostatic disposable bag.
  • 10 year warranty on motor and electric components.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on unit’s body.

Retraflex Retractable Hose

  • Retractable hose with grommet handle cuff.
  • Light and flexible, easy to handle.
  • Retracts easily.
  • Length can be customized to fit the home.

Bare Floor Finishing Kit

  • Hose handle grip.
  • Adjustable metal wand.
  • 12″ bare floor brush.
  • Dusting brush.
  • Upholstery tool.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Wall mount wand holder.
  • Wand attachment holder.

Retraflex Roughin Kit – No Pipe

  • 1 x Outlet mounting box.
  • 3 x Large sweep 90 degree elbow.
  • 2 x Large 45 degree elbow.
  • 2 x Large 22.5 degree elbow.

Retraflex Inlet Valve

  • White or Ivory.



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