MVac M47 Standard Electric Package


Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, the Mvac central vacuum is  renowned for its high reliability and innovations.  It is equipped with  leading edge technology that make it a high performance, durable and  quiet system.

The M47 is powerful enough for most homes, is compact, has excellent filtration and very low noise.  This package is well suited for condo installations with carpet and hard floor surfaces.


MVac M47 Standard Electric Package

Model M47 Vacuum Specifications:

– Compact central vacuum with bags.
– Made in Canada.
– 670 Airwatts.
– Designed for average size homes.
– Height 69.9cm, diameter 30.2cm.
– Equipped with our AntiVibraSon system, which eliminates vibrations.
– Very quiet, only 64dB.
– Electrostatic bag which captures dust and ensures constant maximum vacuum power.
– 10 year warranty on motor and electric components.
– Limited lifetime warranty on unit’s body.

Standard Electric Package Features:

– Electric hose with swivel handle & on/off control.
– Electric power nozzle.
– 12″ hard floor brush.
– Adjustable extension wand.
– Dust brush.
– Crevice tool.
– Upholstery tool.
– Hose hanger, tool caddy.


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