Garage Vacuum from InterVac


A great addition to any garage.  Cleaning your car, truck and garage has never been easier.



Garage Vacuum from InterVac

The GarageVac is a convenient way to upgrade the cleaning of your car, truck, garage and workshop. It takes up very little space and is simple to install in less than 10 minutes. A 530 air watt motor provides all the power you need to pick up all the sand and grit easily. The 8 foot hose will stretch to 40 feet to make sure you can reach anywhere in your garage. Once your cleaning if finished, the hose wraps around the machine for easy storage. Deluxe cleaning tools include a floor brush, telescoping wand, elongated dust brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. The dust collection features 5 layer microfiber filtration using a one gallon replaceable bag.


– Powerful 530 air watt motor
– 8 foot hose stretches to 40 feet
– Easy wall mount installation
– Hose and tools store on the vacuum
– Compact design
– Heavy Duty construction
– 5 layer micro-filtration disposable bag
– 6 year warranty


– Stretch hose
– 22″ flex crevice tool
– Long dusting brush
– Deluxe upholstery tool
– 10″ crevice tool
– Adjustable wand
– 12″ floor brush
– wand holder
– 2 disposable bags


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