Turbine Power Nozzle TK286


The TK 286 is the first model of a new generation of Wessel turbo nozzles. It has been designed top to bottom for energy-saving vacuum cleaners. Not only the design makes the difference. Thanks to the new geometry, TK 286 is ideally suited for the use with low-output/energy-saving vacuum cleaners.

This turbo brush features an effective turbine-driven brush even when matched with low airflow. All in all this new Wessel turbo brush is the first choice for carpet cleaning.




Turbine Power Nozzle TK286

This air driven power nozzle uses the suction of the vacuum to turn the brush.  There is no electric motor so there is no need for any electrical connections.  The power nozzle will work with most central and portable vacuums that use the 1 – 1/4 inch wand.  This turbo brush is great for berber carpet, low pile carpet and area rugs.

The TK286 features a new and improved turbine design which provides more power to the brush roller for more effective carpet cleaning.  This new design also improves the performance  with lower powered vacuums.


  • 11″ wide cleaning path.
  • Cleaning flap for easy turbine cleaning.
  • Adjustable airflow valve keeps the brush turning at high speed, even on deep carpet.
  • 4 soft ruber wheels.
  • Friction fits to 1-1/4″ wand.



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