Central Vacuum Hose – 3-Way 110v/24v On/Off Switch

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This is a premium quality, lightweight, crushproof central vacuum hose.  This hose features the  3 way on/off switch in the handle of the hose to control your central vacuum machine and the electric power nozzle.  The handle swivels to help prevent the hose from getting tangled and kinking.  This hose will fit into most central vacuum outlets installed over the last 30 years.  It will work with all standard 1-1/4″ diameter vacuum accessories.  This hose has the electrical connection required to operate an electric power nozzle.





2 reviews for Central Vacuum Hose – 3-Way 110v/24v On/Off Switch

  1. William Myles (verified owner)

    This replacement hose works great, it does everything it should. It’s very ‘curly’, which is useful in that it stays in place well while vacuuming. Handle is very ergonomic, and off/on switch is tiny and well placed.
    I had an original one from the early 90s, taped together and re-soldered a few times, it was time for a replacement, it wasn’t pulling air very efficiently. With the new one (which fits my wall ports and power head perfectly), my carpet looks ten years younger, I was long overdue, and very pleased.
    The only possible “complaint” – I expected a light beige/bone colour, which is depicted in the product photo, and was the approx. colour of the original. But this one is a metallic silver/grey, almost something out of 1960s NASA, but I got used to it quickly, especially since it worked so well right from the start.
    Great replacement hose, especially if you are long overdue, modern and efficient and works perfectly.

  2. Roselyn white (verified owner)

    Great replacement hose. Lighter weight, and better connection to the wall outlet, than than the one we had previously.

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