Miele Laundry Detergent UltraWhite



Miele UltraWhite is a highly concentrated multi-purpose detergent for white or light-coloured textiles and heavily soiled coloured fabrics. It achieves optimum stain removal and keeps your whites brightest, even in water temperatures as low as 40°C. Miele UltraWhite protects your fabrics by preventing encrustations and other fabric-damaging soiling/stains. UltraWhite is kind to the environment: it contains neither phosphates nor zeolites, and is biodegradable.



Miele Laundry Detergent UltraWhite

Keep your clothing looking fresh and new with Miele UltraWhite laundry detergent.

  • Powerful formula with active oxygen for dazzlingly white laundry.
  • Excellent stain removal.
  • Environmentally friendly, no phosphates.
  • Safe for all HE washing machines.
  • 2.5kg.
  • 48 loads per box.
  • Made in Germany


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