Hoover WindTunnel Secondary Vacuum Filter


This filter fits most Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuums that use bags.  It will fit under the bag, just above the motor.

Hoover part #38765019 or AH41001

See below for Hoover models that use this filter.





Hoover WindTunnel Secondary Vacuum Filter

Will fit models:

C1701, C1703, C1705, C1712, CH50010, CR50005, EH51000, U5140, U5142, U5144, U5145, U5146, U5147, U5148, U5150, U5154, U5155, U5156, U5295, U5301, U5302, U5330, U5344, U5347, U5348, U5349, U5351, U5361, U5363, U5365, U5393, U5394, U5395, U5396, U5397, U5398, U5399, U5402, U5403, U5409, U5415, U5416, U5420, U5421, U5423, U5432, U5433, U5434, U5435, U5436, U5437, U5438, U5439, U5444, U5445, U5446, U5447, U5449, U5450, U5451, U5452, U5453, U5454, U5456, U5457, U5458, U5459, U5460, U5461, U5462, U5463, U5464, U5465, U5467, U5468, U5469, U5470, U5471, U5472, U5473, U5475, U5477, U5481, U5491, U6401, U6420, U6423, U6425, U6429, U6430, U6431, U6432, U6433, U6434, U6435, U6436, U6437, U6439, U6441, U6445, U6446, U6449, U6450, U6451, U6453, U6454, U6455, U6458, U6459, U6460, U6470, U6471, U6473, U6474, U6476, U6485, UH30015, UH30030, UH30070, UH30085, UH50000, UH50005.



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