Hoover Type K Canister Vacuum Bag



The type K vacuum bags will fit the Hoover Spirit models of canister vacuums.

Hoover part number is 4010028K.

There are 3 bags per package.

See models listed below.




Hoover Type K Canister Vacuum Bag

Fits models:

S3203, S3205, S3207, S3209, S3211, S3213, S3235, S3241, S3243, S3245, S3247, S3251, S3253, S3257, S3259, S3261, S3263, S3265, S3267, S3269, S3271, S3285, S3289, S3291, S3293, S3299, S3373, S3375, S3377, S3381, S3391, S3393, S3395, S3397, S3399, S3401, S3403, S3405, S3407, S3410, S3413, S3417, S3419, S3421, S3423, S3425, S3427, S3429, S3431, S3435, S3439, S3441, S3443, S3445, S3449, S3451, S3453, S3461, S3463, S3465, S3467, S3469, S3473, S3475, S3477, S3479, S3481, S3483, S3485, S3487, S3489, S3499, S3501, S3503, S3505, S3521, S3531, S3617, S3621, S3627, S3629, S3631, S3637.



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