Hoover Elite Upright Vacuum Belt



This belt will fit many Hoover Elite and FoldAway upright vacuums.

Hoover Part number: 38528040 or 38528027

Package includes one belt.

See models listed below.




Hoover Elite and FoldAway Vacuum Belt

Will fit models:

C1404, C1412, C1414, C1415, C1660, C1700, C1702, C1710, CH50025, U4245, U4247, U4249, U4250, U4251, U4253, U4256, U4257, U4258, U4260, U4262, U4264, U4266, U4268, U4270, U4272, U4283, U4293, U4295, U4299, U4455, U4467, U4521, U5014, U5016, U5018, U5019, U5023, U5025, U5046, U5055, U5057, U5059, U5061, U5062, U5063, U5064, U5065, U5066, U65067, U5068, U5072, U5074, U5076, U5102, U5104, U5106, U5110, U5111, U5112, U5114, U5115, U5117, U5130, U5131, U5132, U5133, U5134, U5135, U5161, U5162, U5163, U5164, U5165, U5167, U5170, U5171, U5172, U5173, U5174, U5175, U5176, U5177, U5178, U5179, U5180, U5182, U5183, U5185, U5242, U5243, U5244, U5246, U5248, U5250, U5251, U5252, U5253, U5254, U5255, U5256, U5258, U5260, U5262, U5263, U5264, U5265, U5266, U5267, U5268, U5269, U5271, U5272, U5273, U5280, U5288, U5290, U5294, U5296, U5298, U5507, U5509, U5511, U5512, UH40070, UH40150, UH 40155, UH70005, UH70060, UH70070.




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