Hoover Cloth Type Upright Vacuum Belt



This belt will fit many Hoover T-Series WindTunnel, WindTunnel 3 Pro and Whole House upright vacuums.

Hoover Part number: 562289001 or AH20065

Package includes one belt.

See models listed below.




Hoover Cloth Type Upright Vacuum Belt

Will fit models:

UH30300, UH30302, UH30308, UH30310, UH30600, UH70130, UH70140, UH70202, UH70205, UH70210, UH70211, UH70212, UH70215, UH70240, UH70600, UH70601, UH70602, UH70603, UH70604, UH70605,UH70606, UH70607, UH70608, UH70700, UH70900, UH70901, UH70905, UH70909, UH70930, UH70935, UH70939, UH71209, UH71214, UH71215, UH71230, UH72600.




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