Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs



  • All natural odour neutralizing pearls.
  • Environmently friendly, safe for humans and pets.
  • 5 odour eliminating packs included in package.
  • Toss one into any small space
  • Eliminates odours for around 30 days.
  • Completely biodegradable.
  • Packaged in recycled materials.




Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs

Natural Fresh Wave® Odor Removing Packs fit anywhere odor hides. The perfect odor removing solution for tight, confined or hard-to-access areas, these odor removers work much like our odor control Crystal Gels. Just add a pearl pack and allow ambient airflow to spread the odor eliminating power of the Fresh Wave ingredients.

The compact size and dry formulation make Pearl Packs the ideal odor remover for sweaty shoes, athletic bags and under car seats to remove smoke and fast food odors. You can even use them in the refrigerator to absorb unwanted food smells.

Oh, and here’s a neat tip: use Fresh Wave Pearl Packs in your bagless vacuum cleaner to deodorize vacuum exhaust.



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