Bissell Upright Exhaust Filter



This exhaust (post motor) filter will fit many Bissell upright vacuums.  Review your vacuum manual for proper replacement and filter care instructions.

Bissell part number 2031009.

See models listed below.




Bissell Upright Exhaust Filter

Fits models:

1398, 1398R, 3537, 3522, 35221, 35223, 35224, 35225, 35226, 3522R, 3522X, 3525, 35252, 3525R, 3530D, 3530R, 3545, 35452, 3545D, 3574, 35741, 3576, 35762, 35766, 3576M, 3590, 3591, 3595X, 3596, 35961, 58F83, 58F8R, 8975, 8975R, 8990, 8990R, 8990W, 18M9, 18M9P, 18M9V, 18M9W, 18M9X, 20Q9, 21k3, 21K31, 21K32, 21K35, 22C1, 22C12, 26T5, 26T55, 32Y7, 46E5, 44M3, 44M3P, 44M3R, 58F8, 58F8T, 62X5, 67F8, 67F82, 71V9, 71V92, 71Y7, 71Y71, 71Y72, 71Y73, 71Y7R, 71Y7V, 71Y7W, 71Y7Y, 82H1, 82H1H, 82H1M, 82H1R, 82H1T, 84G9, 95P1.


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