Vacuuming your home can tend to be a long and gruelling process, especially if you find yourself doing it every week. That’s why MVac introduced the smart central vacuum to the public. How does it work? Easily! The central vacuum unit is installed either in the garage, the workshop, or the basement. It is then connected to a piping system, installed in floors and walls, leading to inlets installed in strategic places in the house. The installation can be easily achieved in an existing home as well as in a new construction. A portable vacuum is heavy and difficult to carry around, it requires storage, and on top of everything, it’s a loud device. Whereas A central vacuum, however, is of impressive durability, it is quiet and offers increased power. Most importantly, you only have to carry around a light flexible hose.

At Cardy Vacuum, we have one of the largest MVac central vacuum selections in Ottawa. Come in today to our East or West end locations.

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